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Magician Sikder

Dec 01st

Sikder's Secret Life

A member of the exclusive club of Bangladesh-famous magicians, Sikder is known for staging whopper illusions. He is surely one of the most fascinating personalities in Bangladesh magic history. A member of the Society of Bangladesh Magicians since he was a teenager, Sikder got his start in the entertainment industry by performing magic on stage just at the age of 18. He got succeed from his 1st Stage Show and since then never looked back. Thus magic has become the passion & one of his profession. he wants to stay with this forever.

He was born in a renowned Bengali family. He rarely got support from his family but his hard work helped him to achieve the success in magic Industry. From the very childhood Sikder found magic to be the passion of his life. He was hailed as one giving to the Art of Bengali Magic a new cultural background which readily found a strong international appeal.


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